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BrightFlame is thrilled to join Starhawk again to offer Feeding the Sacred Spark in NYC on Feb 24th. Magic and enCOURAGEment for these troubled times--the world needs each of us. Sign up for BrightFlame's newsletter to be the first to know of  new offerings and special advanced pricing.

Feeding the Sacred Spark

In these troubled times, our bright hopes can easily get buried under the sleet of outrage, fatigue and despair. Yet we desperately need to keep alive the spark of resistance--and more: of vision for a better world and determination to create it.

What stories are we telling and being told, about ourselves, about the world, about what is possible? In this one-day workshop, we'll reframe them, and look for the allies--spiritual and mundane--who will offer enCOURAGEment and help us transform the world through our visions and actions. We'll use the tools of magic--ritual, chanting, storytelling, meditation and trance--to feed our creativity and strengthen our will.

This workshop is perfect for Pagans and non-Pagans, activists, artists and writers, and anyone who wants to recharge and stand in their power. The world needs each of us. It's time to create the just, regenerating world where we all thrive.

This will sell out in advance, register soon (early bird $58 ends 1/24). For more info and to register:

Feb 28 2018 NYC:

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Proudly sponsored by NYC Reclaiming. Join us at our monthly gatherings and watch for classes

BrightFlame joined Starhawk to offer Making Rituals That Matter in NYC and Philadelphia. What a ritual we co-created with the group! Both sessions sold out as anticipated. Join BrightFlame's email list (see the Contact link at bottom) to be the first to know of  new offerings.

Making Rituals That Matter

How do we bring magic and myth into the actions that address the crisis of our time?  How do we take our spiritual work out into the world in embodied, compassionate, and active ways?   How do we create rituals that can bridge barriers, inspire and support social change, and help us heal and renew our hope when things get tough? 

Whether experienced or new to priest/essing, join us to take your next steps towards creating tight, effective rituals that flow. We’ll explore the tools of ritualour bodies, our voices, movement, trance, and story-weaving—to deepen our craft.  We’ll learn how to listen deeply to the needs in our homes, workplaces and communities, how to craft intentions that lead to powerful magic, and how to create inclusive, empowering ritual language.  Out of our collective wisdom, we’ll weave a ritual that leads to justice and liberation. 

These information/registration buttons will be live when registration is active:

 Dec 10 NYC:

Dec 11 Phila:
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Starhawk and BrightFlame offered  Stories for the Future in NYC and Philadelphia in February 2016. Assure you get on BrightFlame's email list to be the first to know about future events. They often fill up in advance.


Stories for the Future

Stories shape our imagination and our ideas of the possible.  How can we use the power of story to help us envision a positive future, and inspire people to want to work towards it?  Stir in a little magic--the art of shaping and shifting consciousness, of connecting with the deep creative energies of nature, bending time and opening awareness.  We'll explore our ancestral and personal stories, and the day will culminate in a powerful ritual of collective myth creation.

BrightFlame is helping create a sustainable Reclaiming community in NYC. We gather twice a month and welcome you to join us. Watch for future events--and please "like" BrightFlame's page on facebook which will stay more up to date than this website. And you'll find her writing there--a good place to comment and stay in touch!

We encourage and welcome our Occupy friends to join us at all events—for healing, recharging, and for learning energetic techniques to expand your activism.

Again, "Like" BrightFlame's Page for latest info: www.facebook.com/brightflame.1

If you are not familiar with Reclaiming, we suggest Starhawk's article on the tradition: www.reclaiming.org/about/directions/definition.html

Blessed Be!


See the Classes page for upcoming classes with BrightFlame. 

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Ivo Dominguez, Jr.is a writer, an artist, a visionary, and a practitioner of a variety of esoteric disciplines. He has been active in Wicca and the Neo-Pagan community since 1978, and has been giving workshops since 1982 on Chakras, Divination, the Qabala, Ritual, Astrology, Herbalism, and other topics.  He has taught at Sacred Space, AutumnMeet, Etheracon, the Free Spirit Gathering, Ecumenicon, AkashaCon, The Crystal Ball,  Stones Rising, and many other events. He is the convener for Between The Worlds a major interfaith esoteric conference.  He is also a Water Pourer trained by Shevierah Stonewater. He is also the primary author of a Wiccan Sweat Protocol developed within the Assembly 
of the Sacred Wheel.
      Ivo was a founding member, and a past High Priest, of Keepers of the Holly Chalice, the first coven of The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel a Wiccan Tradition. He now serves as one of the Elders to the five covens of the Assembly. His techniques are rooted in a synthesis of traditional metaphysical teachings, modern science, and memories from past lives. He has been published in numerous periodicals and is the author of Castings: The Creation of Sacred Space, Of Spirits: The Book Of Rowan, and Beneath The Skins .  His next book, Spirits Of Earth & Faerie: The Book Of Ash will be available the Fall of 2003. He is also one of the creative forces behind "A Dream Whose Time Is Coming" a chant CD that is a fundraiser for
the New Alexandrian Library Project.
      He is one of the owners/stewards of Seelie Court which is 102 acres of wooded land in Southern Delaware . The land at Seelie Court is filled with magick and has been consecrated to the purpose of deepening all pagan paths.                  Back to Event Listings