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Classes with BrightFlame

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See Events page for BrightFlame's workshop with Starhawk, Feb 24th in NYC: Feeding The Sacred Spark.

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Hold April 7-8, 2018 for Elements of Magic, Reimagined a weekend class with BrightFlame and Cathy in Brooklyn NY. See the description, below, from last offering and watch for more details.

Pentacle of Iron (a deep, delicious Reclaiming core class, prerequisite is Elements of Magic) to be scheduled in late Spring, early Summer.

Recent: Elements of Magic, Reimagined a weekend class (June 2017) with BrightFlame in Bucks County PA, 90 minutes from NYC and Philly.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit—with the art of magic, we deepen our vision and focus our will, empowering ourselves to act in the world. This reimagined version of Reclaiming Tradition’s core class is a deep dive into the Elements. We will seek their wisdom for the world we live in now. Whether new to ritual or part of Reclaiming (or similar) for years, join us! We will focus on honing our skills and creating effective rituals.
For more info and to register: Preregistration required

BrightFlame and Starhawk offered Making Rituals That Matter in December 2016 in NYC and Philadelphia. In February 2016 they offered Stories for the Future. In Spring 2014 BrightFlame offered 4 workshops on Working with Energy for Magic, Ritual, Activism...and Life In between she was busy finishing her novel and teaming up with fellow activists for social and environmental justice.

She and others will soon offer classes as part of NYC Reclaiming. Keep an eye on her facebook page for latest info. The 2014 offerings were:

April 10

EIEIO: Creating Ritual in the Reclaiming Tradition with BrightFlame

Experience and help create ritual as BrightFlame takes us through visioning and components of ritual in her unique fashion. Whether new to the Craft or you have years of experience in Reclaiming or other paths, you will have an opportunity to grow your skills as we co-create a ritual. What is EIEIO? Come and find out! This begins BrightFlame's series of workshops on working with energy for magic, ritual, activism....and life.

April 24

Embodying the pentacle

Working a pentacle is a wonderful way to experience energy flow within. It’s also a great tool for problem-solving, healing and getting to know your own patterns. Pentacle magic is one of the foundations of the Reclaiming (and Feri) Tradition, especially working with the Iron and Pearl Pentacles.  It is an access point for shadow work, for balancing and sustaining your energy—and so much more. In this session we will work with an established pentacle, and you will have the opportunity to create and explore the Pentacle of You. You may choose to bring a towel or mat if you prefer to work lying down (optional).

May 8

Walking the pentacle

Feel and read the energy of the pentacle with all your senses. If you have ever walked a labyrinth, you know the depth of experience walking a sacred pattern can hold. We will invoke a particular pentacle and enter its energy in a sacred way in order to know and to grow. Experience the meaning of being on- or off-point and use this wonderful tool to gain insight about ourselves and our shadow selves.

May 22

Understanding and Shaping Energy Patterns

Learn the language of energy—how it moves and flows—and apply these patterns and grids to your magic, to activism and to life. These techniques for reading and shaping energy will help you act more effectively in the world. We will explore ways to identify an energy pattern, and learn to use one pattern to alter another. We will also learn how to channel energy through grids and patterns of various shapes. Some examples: you’ve raised energy in a ritual by having participants dance around and sing and shout, yet how do you corral the energy to form a cohesive cone of power? Or the police have blockaded and contained marchers and a faceoff occurs amidst shouting and taunting—how do you shift the hard wall of energy into productive flow?

Workshops are fully experiential, with ritual, trance journeying and immersive exercises created by BrightFlame. This four-part series will help you work and play more effectively in the world: in your relationships, career, Craft, priest/essing and activism. While each session stands alone, we highly recommend the full series.

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BrightFlame is a teacher, writer and priestess. She leaped into the Reclaiming Tradition in 1995 at Vermont Witchcamp, where she taught in '04 and '17. Her specialties include: sensing and shaping energy, leading trance journeys, creating labyrinths, storytelling in ritual form, working with faeries and land spirits, aspecting the gods and introducing people to the Mysteries. She recently taught at the new Wild Maine Witchcamp and with Starhawk in NYC and Philadelphia.

General notes:

Elements of Magic is the prerequisite for the core Reclaiming classes shown below. BrightFlame may allow the above four-part workshop series to qualify you to take the more advanced classes.

See below descriptions of typical classes, and BrightFlame's Bio for sampling of other classes she can offer.  Click here for cancellation policy.

Interested in classes?  Please use the cauldron button, below, to email us and let us know.  When we have enough people, we will get a class together.

When you email, it's always useful to know how you connected with us as well as something about your spiritual background/experience.

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Reclaiming classes offered

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit—we will work with the elements in sacred space, learning tools and techniques for creating effective rituals.  This is the first class in the Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft (co-founded by Starhawk).   It is recommended for those who would like to learn to create sacred space and rituals in any tradition as well as those who want to work more intensively in the Reclaiming Tradition.   Skills developed include sensing energy, invoking, visualization, chanting, spellcrafting, trance and working with Goddess & God stories.   Prior to class, we ask that you read the first 6 chapters of Starhawk's Spiral Dance, as well as some other articles.   Let us know you would be interested in this class and we will schedule once we have a group. Sliding scale is typically $90 - 180. 

Using our magical skills, moving and shaping energy, transforming ourselves through trance to explore the five points of our inner pentacle Sex (primal energy), Self, Passion, Pride (self-esteem), and Power (effectiveness in the worlds).  This class adds much depth to personal and magical work.  It includes shadow work and working with inflated/deflated/core self.  Applicants need to commit to attending all class sessions. Prerequisite Elements of Magic class (or equivalent with instructor permission).    Sliding scale is typically $90 - 180. <back to top>

We will work with the deep, healing energies of the Pentacle of Pearl, moving through the five points: Love, Law, Wisdom, Power and Knowledge.  Prerequisite: Reclaiming Elements of Magic.  We strongly suggest taking Pentacle of Iron first as well.   Sliding scale is typically $90 - 180. 

This is an ongoing advanced class that meets once each month (usually the first Saturday of the month).  Prerequisites are Elements of Magic, Pentacle of Iron and permission of instructor.  Participants commit to the class for a year and a day.  We cover the cornerstones of group work, shadow work,  advanced priestessing skills, pentacle work, working with ecstatic states, finding the God/dess who calls you, aspecting, drumming, preparing to teach, sensing and shaping energy, and many other activities and skills.  Class size limited. 

Rites of Passage focuses on dreams, myths and language, using traditional and non-traditional tales and techniques to create a personal rite of passage.  Through storytelling, trance, release work and dreams we receive our challenge(s), meet our helpers, work through our blocks and emerge renewed, reborn.  This class culminates with a ritual created by the students.  Prerequisite: Elements of Magic class (or equivalent with instructor permission).

Scroll down on BrightFlame's Bio for samples of the many other workshops and classes BrightFlame has offered. She enjoys developing classes, workshops, rituals and ceremonies and may be available to help you create something special for your group, celebration or initiation.   

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