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Refund and Cancellation Policy

We decide whether or not a class will run and how many slots remain based on the number of advanced registrations. We understand that life circumstances may change and we try to balance your needs with our ability to run quality and reasonably priced programs.

If we cancel a class, we will fully refund your fee.

When you cancel:

For BrightFlame's classes in Pennsylvania: greater than one month prior to the start of a class with BrightFlame, your fee is refundable less a $20 processing fee. In the event of cancellation within one month of a class with BrightFlame, 50 percent of your payment may be applied towards a future class with BrightFlame, subject to availability. Within two weeks of a class, your payment is not reusable or refundable. 

When BrightFlame teaches in New York City (higher venue costs and often fewer slots), registration fees are not refundable, though when notifying BrightFlame by email two weeks ahead of the class, at her discretion she may allow you to apply all or part of the fee to future classes.

Note that this refund policy may be more restricted when we host or include outside teachers. We may need to guarantee payment or travel costs to outside teachers more than a month out from the event. Unless otherwise noted, registration fees for guest teachers are not refundable.

Of course, if we cancel a class, we will fully refund your fee. 

Thank you for understanding this policy.  Back to Classes page

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At the core of her being, Vajra deeply values and honors the great variety and diversity of life. Her non-profit management career has helped manifest this appreciation in many ways, from presenting concerts of music and dance from around the world to helping facilitate multifaith dialogues across many different religious traditions. Vajra experiences divinity in the meeting places of seeming contradictions: composting in NYC, fearlessness in the face of fear; edge walking in the center; art and accounting; the fiercely gentle hold of the dark goddess.

After 20 years as a solitary Hindu, Vajra began practicing magic in the Reclaiming Tradition in 1997. Working the 12 steps of recovery is an integral part of her daily practice. Vajra is blessed to share Home with her beloved, Rose, who reminds her to trust the lessons that the multiverse reveals. She is delighted to have this opportuity to reintroduce Elements of Magic in New York City and looks forward to helping foster a deep sense of safety and security as we journey together to connect to the wild and sacred places in our souls. back to class description